Great News For iOS Gamers

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Gamevice has turned iPhone into something like PS Vita. They created an iOS gamepad which is doing exactly like what we wished all mobile controllers had been doing for years: latching onto the sides of phone to unify it and controller giving us what feels like a portable gaming console that happens to run iOS games.
The controller is feeling good in hand. As you’re starting to use it, you will forget that you’re using a smartphone and get caught up in the game forever like a maze.
It is available now from apple, online and in-store, and soon will be available in other retailers’ stores. It costs US $100.
As you can see from picture, the company added standard inputs: four triggers, four action buttons, D-Pad and two sticks exactly like other known game controllers. But the question is will PlayStation and Xbox start to lose its audience or will loyal audience stay with them?
Please share your opinion with us. What do you think will happen?

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