Apps House E-Menu 

“We eat with our eyes first,” says David Wynne, Culinary Arts instructor at The Art Institute of Seattle, about food presentation and food plating.

Our restaurant experience isn’t limited to taste and smell of food, we expect a visual art on our plates.

Apps House eMenu is an elegant tool presenting your stock of menu item in a tempting magnificent visual feast. Enhances user experience with what words cant deliver. Showcase your hidden gems in a menu and recommend those special ones you have.

All of this and many more is covered in an easy to use platform.

Get more out of your menu!

  • Visual Images– High resolution that are difficult to resist.
  • Comprehensive descriptions– Encourage ordering through tempting details of your menu item.
  • Categorization– Easy navigation helps finding what they need to order.
  • Recommendations– Recommend your most selling or newly added menu items.
  • Online Ordering– Let them reach you from their offices & homes with an end user app.


Custom Design & Branding Available!

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