Best Personalized Events Scheduling App Available!!!

Visual calendar with simplicity and ease of use.

Never forget an event ever again. Attend and share precious moments whether it is an anniversary, birthday, special celebration, business meeting, signing up new partnership agreement. eventGram is available to assist you with personalized pictures to those special upcoming events.

You want to share an event details with friends and family? Share it using our share options to share it through most popular channels available such as whatsapp, facebook, email, hangouts, SMS, viber…….etc.

“Not attending or not being part of a special day is not acceptable anymore!” eventGram

You have an important job interview and need an easy access to interviewer/company contact details? eventGram is your answer! Take a picture of their business card, snapshot their email or take a picture of what you wrote and schedule it using eventGram. You will not forget your interview time or lose those details!

You want to make sure you surprise your loved ones on their birthday? Load their picture from your gallery and schedule it on a yearly basis put a reminder for it one day earlier!

You received a wedding invite! You do not want to miss it?! Open eventGram add new event take a picture of wedding invite with event details. Your event successfully added and be displayed on your home screen using eventGram widget.

You will even receive NOTIFICATIONS with PICTURES as reminders before the event.

View your set of events in a very cool way with pictures you select for each event. Pictures you relate to and reminds you of things. Such as using group photo of your old friends for the planned reunion/gathering date.

Get reminded instantly with pictures. Unlock valuable emotions behind each event. Personalize your calendar with your personal touches. Remember you react faster to images than words take advantage of it using eventGram.

Its fun, cool, easy, professional, reliable and suitable for all.

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